As usual, it’s down to the wire for planning my Thanksgiving table. I became acutely aware of this fact when I was browsing craft and home stores looking for fall-ish items and only saw Christmas. Fall was nowhere to be found, not even on clearance. This is HIGHLY annoying to me. I prefer to enjoy each season as it comes, and truthfully we are only just into fall weather-wise. I just can’t get into all the early Christmas decor (admittedly, I am Jewish…).

Left only with my current belongings, craft supplies, and a small budget for some new things, I have been brainstorming tablescape ideas with the help of Pinterest for the past week or so. I started with a base of copper and gold, thanks to this awesome candle holder I picked up on clearance about a month ago from JoAnn.


I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous photo – it’s a little Spring-y with the floral, but could easily be swayed into moody fall.


{Grey Likes Weddings}

I fell in love with this setting because GOLD and TEAL. Do I need to say more? I already have gold chargers and accents in my stash (and use them frequently).  Extremely coincidentally, a local estate sale had a couple of sets of gold flatware for sale this week. Thanks to a tip off from a good friend, I was able to get there in time to snag this awesome vintage set. It’s incomplete, but has enough service for 7 and was a total steal at just $35 (I died. Seriously). I’m also not counting this as part of my Thanksgiving budget because it was a purchase I would have made anyways and will get lots of use. So there.


Gold chargers, gold flatware, copper candle holder….this is shaping up nicely. I searched for a few more inspiration pics, but was really leaning towards gold/copper, black, and teal.


{Blue Rose Photography for Inside Weddings}

Are you swooning? Add a little bit of rustic elements, and you pretty much have my dream table.

Ruffled - photo by Michelle Chiu Photography

{Flora and Fauna}

I couldn’t stop thinking about those darn teal napkins, and yet couldn’t find ANY in town that were just right. So of course, I decided I had to make my own (obviously). A quick trip to JoAnn yielded a subtle paisley teal satiny blend that was perfect! It was almost the end of the bolt, so with a partial discount and coupon, I only spent $13. I think I’ll easily get 6 napkins, so that’s actually pretty cheap!! Fancy napkins can be $10-$15/each!


So, assuming that I can actually get these sewn up in time, I will be sharing my version of these three tablescapes morphed into 1 Thankgiving table soon!

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