Two days before Thanksgiving, and I’m almost done deciding on how my table should look šŸ˜›

I mentioned earlier this week that I bought some fabric to make napkins, and I did ACTUALLY make them. Score 1 for me. Next on my list was place cards. I love to use up things in my craft stash for these types of projects, so the only new purchase I had to make was the paint (I have tons of gold, but didn’t have copper).


Yes, I actually had 3 bags of faux leaves in my stash. From last year. Don’t judge me!

First I painted half the leaves with the copper paint. It took a few coats to get nice coverage.



Next I found some leaf shapes online (these), printed and traced them onto some teal cardstock.


These pieces will be what I actually write on, once I figure out how to mask my horrible handwriting. I thought about gluing the pieces together, but I remembered I had these tiny clothespins…


And now, for a sneak peek at the setting….just a peek…


So far, this is all I have. But it’s something. And at the very least we will have eating utensils, plates, and napkins which is technically all we really need to eat!


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