It may come as a surprise to you that I’ve never had any interest in nursery decor. With all the drool-worthy photos of interiors in magazines, on TV, and all over Pinterest, I can say the nurseries never got much attention from me. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve seen some amazing things – I guess I just never saw the point.

It’s such a short period of time.

It always seemed like a waste to me. Please don’t be offended. I think it’s great if you get excited about decorating a nursery, and it makes you happy to plan one – to each his own. Part of me thought I would change my mind if we ever decided to start a family.

As it turns out, I still don’t have much interest aside from covering the basic needs we will have. We live in a fairly small house, and both of our spare bedrooms have other purposes already. One is a frequently used guest room, and the other is my office and craft space. So when we found out we would need to make room for a little one, I didn’t even think twice about sacrificing one of those spaces. No way! While we are excited to be expanding our family, I don’t feel the need to devote an entire room to a baby right now. We will see how things go later on!

Instead, we are turning my dressing nook/open closet into a baby area. It’s a small space, but has room for the necessities. Here are some photos from 2012 (woah!).  In order to re-home my clothes, we replaced the double closet area with a $65 thrifted dresser that will also serve as a changing table. I’m planning to leave the shelf with storage boxes and finally finish the paint on the under side.

adding shelf

hutch in closet

We will keep the hutch, turn it into storage for the baby’s things, and add a second closet rod below the original for more hanging storage (since baby clothes are shorter). The bassinet will be next to our bed. We got a small footprint glider that rounds out the area. Our goal is to create a space that meets our needs while still fitting in with our bedroom. We are most definitely going minimal and trying to be as frugal as possible. Stay tuned for some progress pictures! 🙂

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