I’m certainly doing better with meal planning since I’ve started these posts, and I hope they are helping you too. Here’s what I’m cooking up this week:

Instant Pot Picadillo (served with rice or sweet potatoes)

Buffalo Chicken Wraps (using my favorite Joseph’s low carb wraps, this slaw, and pickles)

Garlic Shrimp and Quinoa

Summer Corn Salad (for lunches to pair with sandwiches or other leftovers)

Everything is new this week, so hopefully there are no disasters! You may notice I tend to include both low carb/high fat meals and low fat/high carb meals. Lately I’ve been enjoying more of a “fuel cycling” mentality. Each meal I will either focus on carbs or fat, typically trying not to combine both. I’m enjoying this balance during my pregnancy, trying to make varied and healthy choices without really restricting myself. So far it’s working great!



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