Ya’ll, I could not be more thrilled with how this crazy idea turned out. I have been working on a solution to my awkward door+window problem in the nookery.

Nursery Nook Project

I just hated looking at that door all the time, and we NEVER use it. So I kept trying to come up with a solution to hide the door that would also still allow us to access it in case of emergency (as opposed to placing a giant armoire in front of it or something).

I decided a piece of art was probably my best bet, but I would need something large! I came across several shower curtain-turned-stretch canvas projects on Pinterest and thought that would be a little easier than me trying to paint something (uh, pressure!).

The hunt was on for an artistic shower curtain that would fit in with my adventure themed nursery nook. I loved the idea of an outdoor scene, so I looked for mountains, trees, etc, and eventually landed on this fairly cheap fabric curtain from Houzz. For this project, it’s important to use a fabric curtain not a plastic one.

I recruited the hubs to help me build the frame. Ok, to be honest, he built the whole thing. The shower curtain is 72″ x 72″, so I chose 55″ x 70″ as my frame size. That gives me enough material to wrap around the edges and staple, and width wise it fits in the space.

Giant Frame

I have to give Mike major credit because he was skeptical about this whole idea and helped me anyways. The frame is built of 1x4s and brackets – pretty simple.

DIY Large Frame

Once the frame was done, I laid out the shower curtain on the floor face down. I placed the frame on top, centering it over the majority of the trees I wanted displayed.

Stretching Fabric Shower Curtain Over Frame

The stretching was probably the hardest part because the frame was so big! I had to keep moving around the piece to secure and pull all sides equally. I’d recommend starting on one side, tacking it down in the center area with a staple gun, then moving to the opposite side, pull tight and secure. Continue until the whole frame is covered. Trim excess. Hang over your eye sore or on the wall and enjoy!

In our case, I had to black out the window in the door before hanging to keep the light from shining through. Then we hung it just over the door moulding.

How To Hide An Unused DoorNo more door! Well, mostly. Truthfully it doesn’t cover the full height of the door, which I knew going into it with only a 72″ shower curtain. The overall effect is pretty powerful though. Plus, the bottom is mostly obscured by the chair. I also plan to add a little side table and floor lamp, which will further obscure the bottom of the door.

Shower Curtain Wall Art

This project was super easy to execute considering the magnitude of the problem it solved for me. I’m super excited to finish off this space with the rest of the baby items from my registry. One way or another, it will be done before August!

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  1. Bonnie

    Wow! What a great idea! I have a huge living room wall, and was thinking I couldn’t afford a big enough piece of art for it. Totally looking into this idea…thanks!


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