Wow, to say it’s been awhile is truly an understatement. Lots of changes around here since I last wrote. Most of them came in the form of a little guy named Henry, born in August. We are totally smitten with him, which is pretty lucky since the return policy is terrible 😛


There’s nothing like the holidays to bring back this crafter from hibernation. I dipped my toe in the proverbial hot glue with Henry’s first Halloween costume. I just couldn’t resist trying to make him something, as all the ones in the stores seemed 1) too hot 2) uncomfortable, and 3) too big.


Of course I turned to Pinterest to see if there was any kind of cute baby costume ideas I could make myself with minimal resources and time. Scrolling through the sea of cute babies in costume, I came across one that really caught my eye. Simple jeans, a red and white striped onesie, some black glasses…well, need I say more?
Baby Waldo


The jeans we already had -thanks Cat&Jack (Target). I found a plain white onesie in our stash and painted red stripes on it with red fabric paint and painter’s tape. This took the longest because I had to wait for certain areas to dry before proceeding, and I did both the front and back. Plus, there was the whole caring for the baby thing.


The glasses really made the outfit, but I knew it’d be a challenge to get little man to tolerate those and a hat. I figured the best material was probably that very thing foam (sold at craft stores as 8.5″ x 11″ sheets). I cut out the two circular lenses and nose bridge as a solid piece. Then I hot glued two very thin pieces to either side to stuff inside the hat.


The hardest part was actually the hat. I couldn’t find a plain white baby hat with a folded hem, so I had to order one on Amazon. Once it came, I painted the hem red and hot glued a red pom pom to the top (courtesy of Michael’s crafts).


Baby Waldo was a huge hit, and I was pretty proud of my re-enty into crafterdom. It felt good to make something for him, and maybe I’ll just try to do this every year as a tradition. We’ll see.

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