Lovely Crafty Home is moving!

We decided to pack up our home of 12 years (and inspiration for this blog) and move an hour down the road to Greenville, SC!

With the addition of a tiny human who loves to make messes and be outside, we just needed a bit more space and a yard for him to play in. Moving to Greenville got us more bang for our buck, and fortunately our Lovely Crafty Asheville home sold super fast!

With this move comes complete change in style – and a new design challenge for me because we bought a 1970s BRICK RANCH YA’LL.

Thank goodness the previous owner already took care of the exterior paint job! She also put up the ornamental fence and did a great job on the landscaping. The interior, however, was another story…

The number of projects is endless, as is the potential!

Pretty much everything needs at least a paint brush, but there will definitely be some demo in our future. I’m ready for a new adventure!

Stay tuned for my plans for each room and planned projects!

Are you ready?? Let’s gooooooooo!

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