Pretty much the only thing the hall bathroom in our new house had going for it was sheer size. And maybe that the floor tile (white hex) wasn’t offensive. These photos are from the day of the showing (eek!)

It was hard to really grasp the size of it though, because the previous owner had installed two wall cabinets. I just couldn’t understand given the size of the vanity and the fact that it had a huge linen closet why she would need additional storage in there, but nevertheless there they were.

Also, the wallpaper. Plus the border. I was honestly overwhelmed at first since pretty much everything in there would need a makeover. The first thing to go would be the removal of the glass doors on the shower/tub. It’s just impossible to bathe a child like that, and this is the only tub in the house. Plus, they look super dated and weren’t in good condition. The toilet seat would obviously need replacing, as well.

Just so awkward. As I started to think about how I would like the bathroom to look, I knew I wanted to do only cosmetic changes for now – no major demo. The palette would be simple, mostly black, white, and wood with a pop of color. Here’s what I envisioned:

Since it’s the bathroom that’s in the hall, it gets used the most. I figured this would be a good place to start getting my hands dirty. I knew I’d get a lot of bang for my buck with a little creativity and time.

The largest projects would be re-vamping the vanity and doing something about the wallpaper. I’m avoiding the wallpaper situation for now, so I’ll start with the vanity. It’s large and in decent shape, so aside from the fact that it’s insanely short (was this a trend??) we will probably keep it for awhile. I decided to try re-facing the cabinet doors as a test for a possible project in the kitchen (they are the same style cabinets). These had been painted white already, but I thought black would really pop against the floor and make them look really sleek. Once I remove the weird angled molding, I’ll use lattice strips to frame out the edges for a shaker look. Here’s a peek up close at what the vanity looked like shortly before I started attacking the doors.

I’ll be sharing the tutorial for re-facing these cabinets and painting the vanity soon – trust me you will not believe the change!



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