The kitchen. Oh, the kitchen. Pros: it’s large and all the appliances work. Cons: everything else. Behold, the glory!

Again I apologize for these showing-day photos. But you need to really experience what we did when we walked through šŸ˜› All of these were taken on that day!

At least the white laminate counters weren’t sparkly. But, they did have some strange seams that left me thinking there must have been a patch job at some point. I’m going to cover them in marble contact paper, just like the hall bathroom, for a quick inexpensive fix.

The style and color of the cabinets isn’t really my jam, but I knew I could make them over relatively easily with paint and possibly some re-facing to change the look of the doors.

In my last kitchen I went with white, but I actually didn’t love that choice for the bottom cabinets. I felt like they looked dirty a lot. I kind of regretted not going with something two-toned that would have been slightly more interesting and easier to keep clean. For some reason in this house I’m really feeling some deep green vibes – dark teals, hunter green, etc. And I think everyone else is too because I came across loads of kitchen inspo online with green cabinets. Because there isn’t a ton of natural light in this room, I want to use a lighter color for the top cabinets like white or light gray.

The backsplash is your basic white (off-white?) square tile. It’s not great, but it’s not causing me to have knee jerk sledge hammer reactions. Depending on how the cabinets look after painting, I may experiment with making the grout darker with die or paint for some contrast.

We have an attached breakfast nook in this house which is great! We eat most of our meals in here because it’s cozy and casual. I’ll find a small round table and replace the light fixture (a dated pendant) with something geometric and modern. And paint, obviously.

The linoleum is not terribly offensive, so I’ll leave that for last. I’ll see how it looks after the cabinets are done and possibly paint it with a tile stencil. It’s in decent condition, and we have other floors that need to be replaced that would take priority.

The plan: a little (lot) of elbow grease, but hopefully not a lot of money.

What do you think? I’ll be posting updates soon as I tackle these projects between toddler wrangling!

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